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Your Power to Change

Master Yourself And Master Your Life.

Past, Present, And Future. The Power Is Within You.

Your Power To Change

Why Read Your Power To Change

If we want our lives to change, we must first change ourselves. If we want something different, then we must be different. If we want more, we must first become more. The tools and techniques now presented in his inspiring book Your Power to Change have helped him live a life free of fear and full of purpose and prosperity. These techniques did not only help him to survive alcoholism and the darkest time of his life, but they also allowed Kyle to thrive at a level he never thought was possible. Every day is a celebration. Every moment is an opportunity. Take that chance and change your life, too.


Embark on an inspiring journey of personal transformation with Your Power to Change. This empowering book is your roadmap to unlock your inner potential and craft the life you've always envisioned.


Within these pages, you will uncover methods to gain deliberate control over your fears, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, habits, behaviors, and responses to life. The book will lead you through the process of acknowledging your fears and limiting beliefs, igniting an unwavering desire to conquer them.


Follow the author's journey of growth and evolution as he underscores the importance of confronting challenges and embracing discomfort. Learn the profound art of surrender—a pivotal moment where you commit to revolutionizing your life, liberating yourself from the confines of your former self.


This book is divided into two parts, offering a comprehensive pathway to self-mastery and life mastery. In Part One, you will triumph over fear, ignite a potent desire for change, and free yourself from past entanglements. Develop resourceful behaviors, shape your ideal self, and harness the transformative power of Timeline Cleansing and Timeline Reimprinting.


In Part Two, you'll master the art of intentional living, transforming your thoughts into tangible reality. Craft ideas for every facet of your life and devise actionable plans to manifest your dreams, relish every moment of your journey, uncover your core beliefs, and evolve into the finest version of yourself.


Your Power to Change places the tools for self-transformation and life enhancement firmly in your hands. The message is unequivocal: the power to create the life you desire resides within you. Are you ready to elevate your personal growth and life to unprecedented heights? This book is your trusted companion, brimming with practical worksheets and exercises.

Embark on your transformational journey today and take hold of the reins of your destiny with Your Power to Change.

Your Power To Change

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Your Power To Change

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Your Power To Change

What's Being Said

"An empowering guide filled with techniques to overcome one's deepest fears."

—Kirkus Reviews


"For individuals seeking transformative life changes, this book is an invaluable resource."



"For those committed to applying these techniques, 'Your Power to Change' promises authentic and lasting transformation."

—Blueink Review


"Becker's emphasis on imagination techniques and self-meditation equips you to surmount any obstacle in your path."



"Your Power to Change is highly digestible; its format is clear, gives robust information, and encourages time for self-reflection. The practical and highly reusable self-inventory worksheets are worth the price of the book. This highly practical self-help program encourages readers to take charge and chase after what they’ve always wanted."


“Life doesn’t give us what we want. It gives us what we are. If we want our lives to change, we must first change ourselves. If  we want something different,
then we must be different. If we want more, we must first become more.
All the power you will ever need is within you.”

— Kyle C. Becker

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