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Author, Inspiring Speaker, Certified Life Coach, and Certified NLP Master Practitioner

Kyle's Mission

To be an instrument of love, light, peace, joy, serenity, hope, and faith in the lives of all those I meet and think of. I will love others. I will help others. I will serve others.

Happily. Humbly. Gratefully.

Kyle Becker

KYLE C. Becker

Kyle C. Becker learned the hard way that if we want our lives to change, we must first change ourselves. After fighting alcoholism, he knew he needed to change everything about himself to survive. He did all he could to not to be that man any longer. To not live that life. To not die that death. Years later, as a certified life coach and a certified NLP master practitioner, he learned how to live the life he wanted to live. He has not only survived but also thrived at a level he never thought was possible.

Why Did Kyle Write
Your Power To Change

I wrote Your Power to Change because I wanted to help as many people as I can. The amount of people I can coach and sponsor is limited to the amount of hours in a day. A book can help millions.

Your Power To Change

Embark on an inspiring journey of personal transformation with Your Power to Change and unlock your inner potential to craft the life you've always envisioned.


Within these pages, you will uncover methods to gain deliberate control over your fears, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, habits, behaviors, and responses to life. The book will lead you through the process of acknowledging your fears and limiting beliefs, igniting an unwavering desire to conquer them.


Follow the author's journey of growth and evolution as he underscores the importance of confronting challenges and embracing discomfort. Learn the profound art of surrender—a pivotal moment where you commit to revolutionizing your life, liberating yourself from the confines of your former self.

Your Power to Change places the tools for self-transformation and life enhancement firmly in your hands. The message is unequivocal: the power to create the life you desire resides within you. Are you ready to elevate your personal growth and life to unprecedented heights? This book is your trusted companion, brimming with practical worksheets and exercises.

Your Power To Change
“Your current life is a direct result of your past beliefs,
fears, thoughts, emotions, habits and behaviors.”

— Kyle C. Becker

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