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Become the best version of yourself

Live your life to its fullest

Your Power to Change is within you


about me

There came a point in my life where to survive, all I needed to be willing to change about myself and my life was everything. I read hundreds of books, listened to hundreds of audiobooks and seminars and podcasts, watched documentary after documentary, went to thousands of support group meetings, meditated for hours and hours, became a certified life coach, became a certified NLP master practitioner, studied hypnosis and the subconscious mind, always trying to gain that little extra understanding of how I could live the life I wanted to live. I am living that life now. 


My book, Your Power to Change, is the distillation of the wisdom I have found throughout the books, seminars, podcasts, meetings, personal experiences, as well as through the countless people I have helped and seen benefit from these principles and techniques.

If you are reading this, it means there is something about yourself or your life you want to change. No matter how big or small that change is, please know that you are in the right place. The wisdom and truth in my book can help you make those changes. I know you don’t have all the answers right now. And that’s ok. The answers will come. You are exactly who and where you are supposed to be, exactly at this moment. It doesn’t matter what your life has been like up to this point. My book will help you increase the quality of it in every way. All the power you will ever need lies within you. My book will help you find it, develop it, and master it. If you are ready to put in the work, willing to become the most magnificent version of yourself, and begin to live the life of your dreams, then my book is your next indicated right thing. I am so very excited for the journey you are about to begin. 

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